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CarbonLink is the simple and secure platform to buy, sell, & manage carbon offsets on the blockchain.

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Neutralize your carbon footprint in three easy steps.

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Visit our Docs to learn about how CarbonLink securely brings carbon offsets on-chain

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Read about Carbon Markets to get the most out of your offsetting experience

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A carbon market you can trust

Secure asset storage

We work with industry-leading third-parties to ensure your assets are protected and safe.

Quality carbon offsets

All of our carbon offsets are verified and issued from leading registries & third-party validators.

No-double counting

Every offset listed is held off-chain in our custodial registry accounts, to ensure every token’s 1:1 backing is never compromised.

Bridging people, planet, and profit in the fight against climate change

Together we can establish a low-carbon economy and propel the projects leading carbon reduction & removal efforts forward.

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