Carbon offsetting, simplified

Save the planet, while saving time. Purchase offsets and neutralize your emissions with just a few clicks.

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Discover carbon offset projects

CarbonLink supports a diverse and global network of carbon offsets, ranging from nature-based solutions to carbon capture technology. Choose between a variety of live offsets and blockchain-based carbon tokens directly from accredited and high-quality projects.

Project discovery

Find the right project for your cause. Filter by geography, accreditation, sustainable development goals, and more.

Seamless checkout

Connect a payment method, choose your amount, and purchase offsets with fiat currency with ease.

Bulk purchases

Connect directly with sellers of offsets and make discounted offers on bulk purchases.

At the intersection of sustainability & blockchain

The rise of on-chain carbon markets has been nothing short of spectacular and CarbonLink makes it easy for you to get involved. We provide seamless access to on-chain carbon markets, removing the technological learning curve, so you can leverage the benefits of blockchain without any of the difficulties.

Ownership security

A tokenized offset is backed by its off-chain counterpart, and stored in our custodial registry account.

Live offsets

We work with registries to ensure our offsets remain in their active state, so you always have the right to retire your offset.

Trusted asset storage

We partner with industry leading third-parties to provide premium security and platform protection.

Our project standard

CarbonLink provides clients with a wide range of verified offsets from qualified third-party accreditation bodies. All of the carbon offsets hosted on our platform meet certification criteria from leading registries, and provide the necessary documentation to ensure genuine environmental impact.

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Easy offsetting

It's never been easier to reduce your carbon footprint. CarbonLink supports beneficiary retirement as well as transfers to end-user accounts. Simply choose your method, select the number of offsets, and we'll take care of the rest.

Track your progress

Set an emissions reduction target for your company and track your progress towards reaching it. Keep a history of your emissions offsets and transactions to ensure that you are making progress in achieving your climate action goals.

A positive experience with negative emissions

Purchasing carbon offsets is inefficient, confusing, and difficult. You deal with expensive intermediaries, waste valuable time finding the right projects, and spend unnecessary resources on doing your due diligence. With CarbonLink, It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s all in one place.

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