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CarbonLink? The what, how, & why.


What can I buy on the Marketplace?
Can I sell my carbon offsets?
 Can I retire offsets from the Marketplace?
What kind of offset projects do you work with?


What can I buy on the Exchange?
Can I sell my carbon tokens?
Can I retire tokens from the Exchange?
Does the user have custody over their ERC-20 assets?

Platform Use

How do I sell offsets on CarbonLink?
Do I need a registry account to use CarbonLink?
How do I buy offsets on CarbonLink?
Are CarbonLink offsets independently audited and verified?
Can I take my offsets off of CarbonLink?
Does CarbonLink have a gifting service?


Aren’t blockchains bad for the environment?
Why bother using a blockchain at all?