Sell your carbon offsets

CarbonLink helps project developers & large-scale suppliers connect with buyers and sell their carbon offsets.

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A platform built for suppliers

Sell your offsets faster with our help. Get instantly connected to  a liquid market of buyers. With our easy-to-use platform, selling your offsets has never been simpler.

No supplier fees, ever

Get 100% of the value on your offsets. We never charge suppliers to sell offsets on our platform.

Define your sale

Choose how you sell your offsets & at what price. Sell forward and in bulk to fit your needs.

Quick listing

Take your time back by taking advantage of CarbonLink. Upload and list projects in minutes.

A better management tool

Update project information, manage offers on your supply, track your revenue & more.
Your personalized dashboard gives you access to all of the tools and resources that are necessary for selling your offsets.

Keep buyers informed

Show your impact by adding information about your project, accreditations, and more.

Send and receive offers

Sell offsets in bulk, CarbonLink supports bilateral offers to facilitate custom large-scale transactions.

Grow revenue, grow your impact

Connect a pay-out method and settle transactions in fiat, so you can invest more into your business.



Turn each offset into a unique digital asset. Transfer your offsets to our custodial registry accounts, & onboard your supply through the CarbonLink bridge.

Retirable offsets

Maintain MRV data

1:1 backing



Upload your project information, set your price & sale method, and list your projects on the marketplace.

View on-chain data

Monitor outstanding batches

Manage inventory & revenue



Watch your revenue grow over time and follow your offsets’ life cycle. Access price data and transaction history to analyze market trends.

Update price & project information

Settle sales in fiat

Sell complete or fractional batches

The gateway to on-chain carbon markets

CarbonLink is the single end-to-end solution for accessing carbon markets. By connecting buyers and sellers of carbon offsets through a recognized user interface, CarbonLink enables a seamless transition to the on-chain carbon economy. We give you access to high-demand and liquid markets, without needing any prior blockchain knowledge.

Live offsets

Offsets on the platform are still in their active state, offering users the ability to retire and more value.

No blockchain interaction

Save the trouble, settle in fiat. Also, avoid needing your own crypto wallet or paying any gas fees.

Two-way bridge

Upon request, we can bring your offsets off-chain. Enjoy the possibility of detokenizing your offsets on our two-way bridge.

Bridging people, planet, and profit in the fight against climate change

Together we can establish a low-carbon economy and propel the projects leading carbon reduction & removal efforts forward.

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