Invest in our planet

Support the initiatives leading the way to a net-zero economy by purchasing offsets and trading carbon tokens backed 1:1 by real-world carbon equivalents.

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Climate change is the problem.
Carbon offsets are a part of the solution.

Carbon offsets are an essential tool used to finance sustainable technology & initiatives. Projects like renewable energy & reforestation earn one offset for each ton of CO2 captured or reduced from the atmosphere. By purchasing & offsetting your emissions, you provide these projects the necessary funding to continue their efforts combatting climate change.

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Carbon offsets are in high demand

The climate crisis is the largest problem that the world faces today, as man-made emissions are increasingly on the rise toward dangerous levels. In response, companies around the world are making ambitious pledges to reach net-zero emissions.  

To achieve these climate goals, many companies must purchase & retire carbon offsets, resulting in surging demand. Current estimates show carbon offset prices could increase fifty-fold by 2050.

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What are voluntary carbon markets and how do they work?

Voluntary carbon markets are used by businesses, NGOs, and other organizations to trade carbon offsets. One carbon offset represents 1 tonne of CO2 captured or reduced from the atmosphere.

Offsets are generated by environmental projects & initiatives and create a vital financial incentive for climate action.

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Excess carbon emissions

Individuals & organizations have an independent desire to neutralize emissions that they could not directly avoid.

Buy carbon offsets

So, they purchase carbon offsets generated by projects reducing & removing CO2 emissions through methods like reforestation, renewable energy, and direct air capture.

Fund projects & reduce footprint

These projects receive essential funding to continue operations, and buyers get to neutralize their carbon emissions by retiring the offsets.

Carbon markets with confidence


Anyone, not just businesses, can create an account to make a positive impact


Find project information and price data to ensure you support projects you love


Our application makes it easy to trade carbon tokens anywhere, anytime

Token exchange

The exchange offers users access to carbon tokens, each backed by a bundle of different offset projects. These tokens give you greater exposure to a wide range of carbon projects, with the added benefits of deep liquidity and higher volume.

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Offset marketplace

Purchase offsets directly from carbon removal & reduction projects. All offsets on our marketplace are live, so you can retire them directly on our platform, and neutralize your carbon footprint.

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Bridging people, planet, and profit in the fight against climate change

Together we can establish a low-carbon economy and propel the projects leading carbon reduction & removal efforts forward.

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